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About The ChipList

Looking for a new computer, and confused by all these different processor flavors? Looking at an old computer, and wondering what it is made off? Or simply being a professional, involved in processors and processor technology?

Whether you are buying a new PC or server, refurbishing an old system, or simply having this itch, The ChipList aims to fulfill your every processor-need.

The ChipList brings you detailed information on the various processors used in PC's and servers. It covers news, market analyses, specifications, overview tables, roadmaps, benchmarks, and system tests. It has been compiled for the benefit of the net community.

The latest ChipList is available at:

The old ChipList is, only for historical purposes, available at:

The ChipList is the result of collecting an awful lot of snippets of information, draining manufacturer websites, and reading data books. Furthermore, various contributors, partners, and others have made this list to what it is today. Thank you all.

Any corrections, additions, comments or inquiries are welcome.

About the maintainer

Adrian Offerman (38) has a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Delft University of Technology, where he specialized in Computer Architecture and Digital Technique. His thesis project resulted in three international scientific publications.
After that he started his own consultancy firm, and worked among others for cryptography company DigiCash, advised the Nederlandsch Octrooibureau in a patent infringement case, and participated as CTO in RecruitmentNet.
Meanwhile he has been working as an ICT specialist journalist for over ten years now. He was a contributing editor among others for CIO, Supply Chain Magazine, C-sharp, InfoWorld, NetworkWorld, Living Media, Computer Totaal, and Network Computing. Furthermore, he was the editor-in-chief of Chief Information Officer, Linux News, Mnet, Windows & Netwerken, and Computer-Telefonie.
At this moment he is a contributing editor for Computable, Telecom Update,,,, IT Service Magazine,, LAN Magazine, CRN, and Energy Magazine.
Finally, next year he hopes to obtain a Master's Degree in Psychology from Leiden University, where he specializes in theoretical and clinical psychology.

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