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Mon 11 Jun 2012, 9:00

How to debug an App for Android* x86 and the tools to use

How to debug an App for Android* x86 and the tools to use

1. Introduction

As we know, an Android* developer wears many hats: designer, code monkey, and, inevitably, troubleshooter. Bugs in code are inevitable—so it's important to know the debugging tools and how to quickly and effectively track them down and fix them, whether you created the bugs initially or otherwise. Therefore, effective debugging techniques are an essential skill for today’s Android developers. This article provides a walk-through of Android application debugging tools and is designed to help developers new to the Android SDK and related tools get up to speed faster and resolve defects more effectively on Android x86 platform.

2. SDK app debugging tools

The Android SDK provides most of the tools that you need to debug your applications. You need a JDWP-compliant debugger if you want to be able to do things such as step through code, view variable values, and pause execution of an application. If you are using Eclipse, a JDWP-compliant debugger is already included, and no setup is required. If you are using another IDE, you can use the debugger that comes with it and attach the debugger to a special port so it can communicate with the application VMs on your devices.

If ...

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