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Mon 12 Mar 2012, 13:08

Do’s and Don’ts in Software Development before Internationalization (i18n)

Do’s and Don’ts in Software Development before Internationalization (i18n)
Given the constant competitive pressure on executives to expedite product time-to-market, many developers are given tight deadlines to deliver functional software. This software is often geared for localization once the source language version is ready for release.

Keeping these pressures in mind, developers can strive to ensure that basic internationalization (i18n) principles are maintained while developing software to facilitate localization efforts – and meet time-to-market requirements for all the required languages, not just the source.

Here are 12 internationalization (i18n) do’s and don’ts that all developers should read and apply in their work:

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Sat 11 Feb 2012, 3:38
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