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14  AMD Athlon XP processors

14.1  AMD Athlon XP processor

14.1.1  AMD Athlon XP processor (Model 6, Palomino)

14.1.2  AMD Athlon XP processor (Model 8, Thoroughbred/T-Bred A)

14.1.3  AMD Athlon XP processor (Model 8, Thoroughbred/T-Bred B)

14.1.4  AMD Athlon XP processor (Model 10, Barton)

14.1.5  AMD Athlon XP processor (Model 10, Thorton)

14.2  AMD Sempron processor

14.2.1  AMD Sempron processor (Model 8, Thoroughbred/T-Bred B)

14.2.2  AMD Sempron processor (Model 10, Barton)

14.2.3  AMD Sempron processor (Model 10, Thorton)

14.3  AMD Mobile Athlon 4 processor, AMD Mobile Athlon XP processor, AMD Athlon XP-M processor

14.3.1  AMD Mobile Athlon 4 processor (Corvette, Standard)

14.3.2  AMD Mobile Athlon 4 DTR processor (Corvette, Desktop Replacement)

14.3.3  AMD Mobile Athlon XP processor (Thoroughbred/T-Bred, Standard)

14.3.4  AMD Mobile Athlon XP processor (Thoroughbred/T-Bred, Balanced)

14.3.5  AMD Athlon XP-M processor (Thoroughbred/T-Bred A/B, Mainstream)

14.3.6  AMD Athlon XP-M processor (Thoroughbred/T-Bred A/B, Desktop Replacement)

14.3.7  AMD Athlon XP-M LP processor (Thoroughbred/T-Bred A/B, Low Voltage)

14.3.8  AMD Athlon XP-M processor (Barton, Mainstream)

14.3.9  AMD Athlon XP-M DTR processor (Barton, Desktop Replacement)

14.3.10  AMD Athlon XP-M LP processor (Barton, Low Voltage)

14.3.11  AMD Athlon XP-M LP processor (Barton, Low Voltage, Socket 563)

14.4  AMD Athlon MP processor

14.4.1  AMD Athlon MP processor (Model 6, Mustang/Palomino)

14.4.2  AMD Athlon MP processor (Model 8, Thoroughbred/T-Bred A/B)

14.4.3  AMD Athlon MP processor (Model 10, Barton)

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