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AMD Opens R&D Facility in India

Bangalore team working on 45 nm Shanghai processor

November 29, 2007 - Today, AMD announced the opening of a new silicon design and platform R&D facility in Bangalore, India. The center will accomodate the engineers currently working on the Shanghai processor, AMD's first 45 nm design. The same people were responsible for delivering key intellectual property (IP) for the recently introduced Quad-Core Opteron processor, codenamed Barcelona.

The number of employees in Bangalore continues to grow, AMD stated. Upon its completion, the new 52,000 square-foot center will house up to 350 engineers. AMD will continue operating its first facility in the city, which openened in 2004, using the existing office space for administration, sales and marketing staffs. Intel has a large site in Bangalore too. AMD also has a design facility in neighboring Hyderabad, which became part of the company when it acquired ATI last year.

Chip Manufacturing

According to InfoWorld, AMD might even build a chip manufacturing plant in India. Intel and Texas Instruments already have set up design facilities in the country, but India does not have yet a manufacturing plant.

Earlier this year, Intel decided to build its first 300 mm (12 inch) wafer fabrication facility (Fab 68) in China and not in India. According to Craig Barrett, Intel's chairman, the Indian government was slow to articulate its policies for the semiconductor industry. Although AMD in 2005 said it would transfer some of its manufacturing process technologies to SemIndia, a consortium of investors that plans to set up a wafer fabrication, and assembly and test operation in India, that project was delayed for the same reasons.

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