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AMD Developer Inside Track - Taking Advantage of Multi-Core

AMD Developer Inside Track - Taking Advantage of Multi-Core

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to host a panel discussion on application development and multi-core at CommunityOne West this year. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with software experts who are in the trenches and every day working on parallel programming solutions. The basic question here was: "How do I get started in taking advantage of multi-core processors?" To answer this question, everybody involved brought unique experiences and perspectives to the table. In the above link, you can see a view of AMD's roadmap - from our perspective, you should take away that from the desktop to the server, multi-core will be king.  

Check out the AMD Developer Inside Track video for a snapshot of three of our partners from this panel and myself answering the question of how to start taking advantage of multi-core processors.

After these events I often get asked the same how-to-get-started question, but with more detail. Someone will say, "Okay, but let me tell you about this..." - so we talk it over. The questions I ask usually include at least some of the following:

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