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AMD Athlon "Classic" processor (K7, Model 1, Argon)


Model name: Athlon "Classic".
Code name: K7, Model 1, Argon.
Supplier: AMD.
Component class: CPU.


Generation: K7.


Multimedia instruction sets: MMX, Enhanced 3DNow!.


L1 cache: 32 kbyte instruction cache, 32 kbyte data cache (Harvard architecture).
L2 cache: 512 Mbyte, on separate die in same package, running at half clock speed.


100 MHz DDR bus.


Clock speed

Clock speed Model Multiplier Power dissipation Introduction Order part numbers
100/250/500 MHz AMD Athlon 500 C CPU 5 42 W TDP June 1999 OEM: K7500MTR51B
100/275/550 MHz AMD Athlon 550 C CPU 5.5 46 W TDP June 1999 OEM: K7550MTR51B
100/300/600 MHz AMD Athlon 600 C CPU 6 50 W TDP June 1999 OEM: K7600MTR51B
100/325/650 MHz AMD Athlon 650 C CPU 6.5 54 W TDP August 1999 OEM: K7650MTR51B
100/350/700 MHz AMD Athlon 700 C CPU 7 50 W TDP October 1999 OEM: K7700MTR51B


Voltage: 1.60 V.

Manufacturing process: 0.25 micron.

Number of transistors: 22 million.

Die size: 184 mm2

Packaging: Slot A.

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