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Gartner press release
Processors » Manufacturing »
AMD Revenue Dropped More Than Twenty Percent
While Intel revenue grew more than twice as fast as market average

Amazon review
Processors » Suppliers »
Microprocessors, Programmable Logic, And Digital Signal Processing
Digital Fundamentals

AMD product announcement
Processors » Products »
AMD Expands Phenom Portfolio
Five new quad-cores and two new triple-cores available

Intel product announcement
Processors » Products »
Intel Introduces New Low Power Xeon Processors
Shrink to 45 nm enables higher clock speeds within same power envelope

Gartner press release
Processors » Manufacturing »
Assembly and Test Services Keep Outpacing the Semiconductor Market
IDMs and OEMs focusing on design and distribution, less on manufacturing

SIA press release
Processors » Market »
2007 Another Record Breaking Year for Semiconductor Sales
Doubled DRAM shipments compensate for lower prices

Processors » ChipList »
X86 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Extensions Online
Overview of every instruction implemented since the 8086 CPU

Neal Nelson news item
Processors » System Design »
AMD Quad-Core Servers More Efficient than Intel's
Xeon server power usage sharply increased by Fully Buffered memory modules

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